Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States On Jan. 20, 2017

During his inauguration, thousands took to the streets in Washington, DC to voice their opposition to the new president. The day of Trump’s inauguration saw violent protests break out in the city, with hundreds being arrested, windows being broken and cars being burnt. The next day saw a different kind of protests where hundreds of thousands of men and women from around the country participated in the Women’s March on Washington which resulted in zero arrests.

I was in the nation’s capital for those first two contrasting days of the Trump Presidency.

  • A protester yells for everyone to "make a wall" as police push a small group of protesters back from the intersection of K St and 12 St.
  • A U.S. Customs officer watches the crowd gathered near the Capitol.
  • Protesters climb trees to watch Michael Moore speak at an ant-Trump rally in Farragut Square.
  • Media and protesters gather around burning newsstands outside the Washington Post building.
  • The day after the inauguration, hundreds of thousands marched in the Womens March on Washington. The DC Metro recorded its second busiest day ever, only behind President Obama's first inauguration.
  • Participants watch several speakers on Independence Avenue as they wait for the Women's March to begin.
  • The view along Pennsylvania Ave as marchers make their way towards the White House. Most estimates said the crowd size was over 500,000.
  • A group from rural Pennsylvania holds signs of suffragettes and civil rights leaders.
  • A Trump supporter holds a sign and talks with marchers near an area where many marchers left their signs.